Intelligent Development Operational Program, priority axis:

3 Support for innovation in enterprises, operation of:

3.3 Support for the promotion and internationalization of innovative enterprises, sub-measure:

3.3.3 Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands – Go to Brand


IWONA HUZIOR GALLERY HUZIOR implements the project “Activities increasing the recognition of the HUZIOR brand on foreign markets through participation in the Industry Promotion Program for Polish Fashion”.

The aim of the project is to increase the recognition of the HUZIOR cosmetic brand on foreign markets, which will contribute to achieving the objectives of the Intelligent Development Operational Program.

The applicant intends to acquire business partners and contractors and establish lasting business relationships. Intensive promotion of the HUZIOR brand on foreign markets is aimed at increasing the recognition of the HUZIOR brand on the markets in which it is present and entering new foreign sales markets.


The measurable effect of the activities carried out under the Project will be the internationalization of HUZIOR’s business and the increase in the sale of clothing, and thus the increase in export sales revenues in the dimension presented in the result indicators.