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“Freedom of being different” is an idea around which we want to gather modern women who are aware of their uniqueness and desire to emphasize their own assets with proper design. Women who do not want to blend in with the crowd.

We design and sew leather and knitwear like no one else, so you can look like no one else.

Have the courage to show your uniqueness.

We break the stereotypes of working with leather. Leather does not have to be only black, leather does not have to mean a leather jacket, and it is not just for bikers.

Our core values:
– ecology and nature
– Polish craftsmanship
– original collections and unique design
– global trends



FW 19/20

Manufacturer of leather clothing
We are the owners of leather clothing that we sew for commercial brands Huzior and other clothing brands and individual designers, as well as for individual orders of individual clients. Our offer includes comprehensive manufacture of leather clothing for the clothing and haberdashery market. We specialize in sewing fur, sewing sheepskin coats and sewing leather jackets. We also make other garments, such as skirts, pants, jackets, vests, bags and backpacks. In your portfolio, completed projects also available numerous headgear.
Why is it worth using our services?
The Huzior brand enjoys an established position on the market, which owes its high-quality leather product. High-quality natural leathers are used in the production of clothing, which we import from certified tanneries located in France, Italy and Spain. As one of the few manufacturers of leather clothing for the needs of our contractors, we gallon an air case. We have a fully equipped production plant, and all our products are manufactured in Warsaw.
We are characterized by attention to detail and high quality, using aesthetics of the product and its durability. We are able to implement any project – from classic and simple stylizations to original and bold collections.
Not just women’s clothing
The Huzior brand specializes in the design and implementation of exclusive women’s clothing, but as a manufacturer of leather clothes we also successfully implement projects dedicated to men. We sew jackets, coats, vests, pants. We are able to exclusive boutique clothing and high-quality motorcycle clothing. This makes us a universal contractor for various projects.
Clothing sewn in accordance with the order and the contract provided by the customer. Depending on the needs, we can carry out low- and high-volume orders with the possibility of later supplementing the range with the most rotating models or sizes. We work mainly on skins that we import ourselves – then we are sure that they are high quality skins and we can guarantee that we must behave when using the service – we do not limit ourselves equally to the possibility of carrying out tasks
Customers are interested in establishing cooperation in the production of leather clothing, please contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions and doubts.